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TERN Executive
Professor Tim Clancy
TERN Director

Before his appointment to TERN, Tim managed the Forest Resources Management Section of the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) and lead the organisation’s Land and Forests Theme. Among his responsibilities was reporting on national forest, land use, land management and vegetation data. He has expertise in the management of applied research, the ecology and management of kangaroos, threatened species and vertebrate pests, sustainable forestry, forests and climate change, biodiversity research, spatial information for natural resource decision-making, sustainable agriculture and land use, and food production.

Tim has 20 years experience in delivering applied science programs to improve natural resource management outcomes. During his professional career he has advised State and Australian governments in a number of natural resources management, forests and nature conservation areas, specifically around decision making in the face of uncertainty and program evaluation.Recent international roles include being a member of the CBD Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on the Review and Implementation of the Programme of Work on Forest Biodiversity, and taking part in the Agriculture Technical Cooperation Working Group’s Workshop on Food Productivity and Food Security in APEC Member Economies.

To contact Tim, please call (07) 3346 7020 or send him an email.

Professor Andrew Lowe
TERN Associate Science Director

Andy is Chair in Plant Conservation Biology at the University of Adelaide, Acting Director of the South Australian Museum, and Principal Advisor – Biodiversity Research Partnerships to the SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

He graduated from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, with a PhD in Plant Evolutionary Biology in 1997. Since then he has worked in Australia and internationally in a broad range of basic and applied research in ecological, evolutionary, biodiversity and landscape genetics and genomics. His research aims to understand and develop management strategies for a range of landscapes: historical, contemporary and future; intact, fragmented and exploited.

To contact Andy, please send him an email.

Knowledge brokering, engagement and partnerships


Associate Professor Nikki Thurgate
Collaborations and Partnerships Director

Nikki is a vertebrate ecologist with a PhD from the University of New Orleans. She has primarily undertaken research using reptiles, amphibians and small mammals as model organisms to better understand processes contributing to extinction. All of her research has been applied with a strong emphasis on providing scientific outcomes that inform management. She has also worked in a number of positions in State and Federal government. Nikki is passionate about using ecological science to drive environmental decision making. When not working she enjoys cooking, hiking and playing with her dogs.

You can contact Nikki by phone on (08) 8313 1259 and by email.

Mark Grant 
Science Communicator and TERN eNewsletter Editor

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Resource and Environmental Management) from the Australian National University (ANU), Mark has worked in many fields in both Australia and overseas ranging from water resource management, ecological monitoring and sustainability science to education and international development. Mark has worked in two federal government departments and has spent time in Vietnam working in water resource management as an AusAID Australian Youth Ambassador for Development. Through these positions, his time teaching English in Okinawa and past study, training and volunteering, Mark knows that good communication is an absolute necessity in science.   Mark is passionate about sustainable agriculture and loves growing, cooking and, especially, eating good food.  When not in the TERN office Mark’s most likely out riding his bicycle or learning how to SUP.

You can contact Mark by phone on (02) 6100 8333 and by email.



Dr Siddeswara Guru
Data Integration and Synthesis Coordinator

Siddeswara Guru is the TERN and ACEAS Data Integration and Synthesis Coordinator. He has a strong research and management background with a PhD from University of Melbourne and MBA from University of Tasmania. After completing his PhD, he worked as a Postdoctoral fellow in the CSIRO Tasmanian ICT Centre, Data Management Officer in CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, and  Data Scientist in the Australian Ocean Data Network Development Office.

You can contact Guru by phone on (07) 3346 3125 and by email.



Senior Software Engineer

Yi completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Masters of Engineering from the University of Queensland. He is interested in software engineering and utilizing his technical skills to solve data-driven problems. Prior to joining TERN he has worked as web developer and software engineer both in Australia and overseas.  When not working, Yi enjoys drumming, cooking and traveling.

You can contact Yi by phone on (07)  3346 1663 and by email.



Business and program management


Amy Gibson
TERN Business Manager
Amy is currently on leave. Acting in her role is Shantala Brisbane. You can contact Shantala by phone on (07) 3365 9097 or by email

A past student of the University of Queensland, Amy completed a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Business, key areas of interest being plant molecular genetics, biotechnology and botany. At an early point in her career Amy saw the opportunity to enable and facilitate science becoming a business reality and went on to pursue this in the commercial landscape. Prior to joining TERN, she spent three years working for a medical device company in an international capacity. This Uniquest spin-out helps bring peace of mind to sufferers of lymphoedema post breast cancer surgery. In her spare time Amy enjoys teaching children confidence and public speaking, and is a passionate gardener.

You can contact Amy by phone on (07) 3365 9097 or by email.

Administration and finance


Michele Rice
TERN Finance Officer

Michele is responsible for the overall structure, processing and reporting of all TERN's financial and contractual obligations. Michele is the main contact for our TERN community for invoicing and payments of our various grants, as well as being responsible for the day-to-day processing of TERN accounts and general finance. Michele is also responsible for human resources. Michele brings much experience, supported by tertiary qualifications, to her role at TERN, and has ensured that our reporting and financial obligations are always met on time and accurately.

You can contact Michele by email or phone on (07) 3365 9098.


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