Historically, the potential for collaboration between Australian ecosystem scientists and managers was limited by a number of factors, including the absence of any coordinated national capacity for data storage, licensing and management, which made it difficult for scientists and managers to share or discover relevant previous work and build upon it.

TERN is working closely with our many government, university, public and private stakeholders and partners to bring about a quiet revolution in the way things have traditionally been done. Our philosophy is “collect data once – make it discoverable – use it many times.” The infrastructure we’ve planned and built can now offer a one-stop-shop solution for data storage, data publishing and citation through DOI minting, licensing and discoverability. This new capacity to close the data management lifecycle is already delivering efficiency dividends for Australia’s ecosystem science community, and their efforts to understand and manage our ecosystems at the necessary temporal and spatial scales.

On this page you will find regularly updated links describing the data storage, management and discoverability infrastructure we’ve developed, and the people and projects already putting these tools to effective use.

Data Sub-Themes:

AEKOS: Your gateway to Australian ecology data

A new version of TERN AEKOS makes it easier for users to search and download diverse, well-described, Australia-wide ecological data from a single point of entry. Find out what’s new then come explore almost 100000 sites of published plot data.

NASA to use TERN data in ECOSTRESS mission

November 2016

An exciting new data sharing collaboration between NASA and TERN will lead to a better understanding of how climate change will affect water use by plants from different biomes, and the implications for agricultural and natural ecosystems. Thanks to this collaboration, Australian science will also benefit from the delivery of new NASA data.

Discovering Australia's ecosystem data made easier

Winter 2016

A new version of the TERN Data Discovery Portal makes it even easier for users to search and download diverse ecosystem science open data from a single point of entry. Find out what’s new then come explore the more than 2200 published data records.


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