TERN is managed and coordinated by the TERN Office, hosted by The University of Queensland. Specific research and coordination activities are delivered through the TERN Facilities.

Governance of TERN takes place on several levels:

  • The TERN Board which has primary responsibility for the overall strategic direction, management and performance of TERN;
  • The Executive Advisory Committee which enables all TERN Facility Directors to communicate with the TERN Office, TERN Board and each other to maintain progress, share knowledge, develop TERN-wide standards, and solve operational/implementation problems;
  • An Information and Infrastructure Development and Delivery Group (IIDDG), consisting of all TERN Facility Technical leads to coordinate development of TERN Data infrastructure to deliver open access ecosystem dataset collections; and
  • An Advisory Panel for each TERN Facility, consisting of user groups (or equivalent), working with Facility Directors in the development of operational plans, associated user protocols and relevant technical matters, including training.

TERN Board

The TERN Board has primary responsibility for the overall strategic direction, management and performance of TERN and establishment of longer-term national strategic goals. It:

  • provides strategic guidance to the TERN Office and the Executive Advisory Committee, and monitors the overall strategic direction;
  • receives and approves annual progress reports on TERN performance and monitors management and performance of the TERN program;
  • approves the TERN Annual Business Plans, which include implementation milestones and budget allocations;
  • provides a mechanism for resolution of issues that cannot be worked through the TERN Office;
  • advises and assists the TERN Office in the management of business risks;
  • oversees the communication plan and activities of the TERN Office;
  • oversees the strategic development of TERN and development of plans to sustain TERN into the longer term; and
  • oversees a formal evaluation of TERN.


Executive Advisory Committee

The Executive Advisory Committee provides leadership to the TERN Office and support in the development and implementation of TERN programs.

The EAC consists of Facility Directors and representatives of other institutions with a recognised capability in ecosystem research.


Information Infrastructure Development and Delivery Group

The primary purpose of the IIDDG is to provide a forum for developing a consistent approach to delivering information infrastructure across TERN Facilities, and to facilitate timely delivery of that infrastructure to enable TERN to realise its overall objectives.

Current membership of the IIDDG:
Matt Paget AusCover
Peter Isaac OzFlux
Andrew Tokmakoff AusPlots
Alvin Sebastian Australian Supersite Network
Peter Wilson  Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia
Jonathan Hodge Australian Coastal Ecosystems
Craig Walker  Eco-informatics
Brad Evans Ecosystem Modelling and Scaling Infrastructure (e-MAST)
Emma Burns Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTERN)
Siddeswara Guru TERN Data Integration and Synthesis Coordinator (Chair)
Tim Clancy TERN Director
Andrew Lowe TERN Associate Science Director


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