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Issue 68, August 2017, 

Australian Science Clouds; Groundwater & Ecosystem Observing Infrastructure; Kakadu NP Fire Management


TERN - Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network
August 2017
Director's update

Welcome to our August newsletter, where we explore the benefits of TERN’s integrated ecosystem observatory. Funding constraints have meant difficult decisions have been made to cease funding certain elements of our observatory or to not commence some activities at all. This is unfortunate but drives TERN to continue working with the ecosystem science community to demonstrate the value and importance of the fully integrated ecosystem observatory, and advocate for sufficient resourcing to deliver this in Australia.

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EcoCloud: one of three new Australian Science Clouds

Open access to free, domain-specific, cloud-based research tools, virtual laboratories and platforms via a single interface that links multiple data sources and service providers is set to be delivered thanks to a new national e-research infrastructure investment: The Australian Science Clouds. Learn more about the clouds and help TERN further tailor the Australian Ecosystem Science Cloud to meet your needs.

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Earth as an integrated system: don’t forget the groundwater 

Water—or the lack of it!—is always a topic of interest to Australians, living and working as we do on the driest inhabited continent on Earth. TERN’s integrated ecosystem-observing infrastructure produces open data on multiple phenomena at the same time and location, ranging from biodiversity to hydrology. Here we bring you stories of the way some scientists are using TERN’s open access, co-located infrastructure to increase understanding of our groundwater resources and the terrestrial ecosystems that depend on them.

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Big data used to assess fire ecology of Kakadu

New research using decades of monitoring data available through TERN has identified significant problems with historic fire management in one of Australia's premier National Parks: Kakadu. Despite the data painting a somewhat negative picture of the past, the research proposes economically viable carbon-market based solutions and vindicates recent park management actions that are delivering more sustainable and ecologically appropriate fire management in the reserve.

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Get involved!

TERN can only ever be as good as the quality of input it gets – and that includes from our readers and collaborators everywhere. You can get involved in TERN’s work to build an essential resource for supporting Australian ecosystem science and management by using and contributing data to the portals of the various TERN facilities. Talk to these people about becoming actively involved in TERN’s work by providing data and knowledge for the Australian ecosystem science and management communities.
Stay informed!

TERN is a resource for everyone with an interest in ecosystem science: researchers, land and environmental managers, policy developers and citizen scientists. If you would like to be kept informed about TERN’s projects, subscribe to our e-newsletter.
Key Dates
FAIR webinar series
30 August 2017 - 20 September 2017 (weekly Wednesday webinars)

10th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Symposium
Hanoi, Vietnam
18 - 20 September
TERN involved

International Coalition On Science Gateways Meeting
Montréal, Canada
18 September 2017

Research Data Alliance (RDA) Tenth Plenary Meeting
Montréal, Canada
19 - 21 September 2017

Australian Rangeland Society 19th Biennial Conference
Port Augusta
25 -28 September 2017
TERN involved

ILTER 2017 annual meeting & LTER France meeting
Nantes, France
2 - 6 October 2017
TERN involved

SilviLaser 2017
Virginia, USA
10 - 12 October 2017

23rd Biennial International Clean Air and Environment Conference
15 - 18 October 2017

Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) 33
16 - 17 October 2017
TERN involved
eResearch Australasia Conference 2017
16 - 20 October 2017
TERN involved

AusBiotech 2017
25 - 27 October 2017

Annual TERN OzFlux Meeting 2017
6 - 15 November 2017
Hosted by TERN

TropAg2017: International Tropical Agriculture Conference
20 - 22 November 2017

EcoTas 2017
Hunter Valley
26 November - 1 December 2017
Supported by TERN

22nd International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM2017)
3 - 8 December 2017

2017 Australian Climate and Water Summer Institute
11 December 2017 - 2 February 2018
Supported by TERN

AMOS-ICSHMO 2018 - Joint 25th AMOS National Conference and 12th International Conference for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography
5 - 9 February 2018
TERN involved

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Banner photo credits left to right: Charles Darwin University, Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research; TERN OzFlux; Nectar.
Article photo credits top to bottom: Nactar; TERN; Jay Evans




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