At TERN we believe that open access to data is pivotal if we are to address Australia’s ecosystem information gaps and management challenges. TERN’s successful approach to open data, discoverability and accessibility was on-show this month at a number of professional meetings in Europe.  

The TERN Data Discovery Portal was released in October 2012! For the first time, the TDDP allows users to search for and explore a wide range of ecosystem data and metadata from a single point of entry.

The TERN Data Discovery Portal

The TERN Data Discovery Portal (TDDP) is a catalogue of research metadata built by regularly harvesting records from the metadata infrastructure of TERN Facility data portals. The TDDP enables users to access a single platform to discover data across all TERN Facility portals. Once suitable metadata are located in the TDDP, users can connect to the TERN Facility data delivery infrastructure to download the data for further offline processing.

The TDDP enables researchers to discover different data sets (including soils, terrain, water, satellite images, survey data and species observation records) for the same geographic area, and then to browse, query and extract the data through TERN Facility data delivery infrastructure. The access rights for data are based on the TERN Data Licensing Policy.

The TDDP has been developed in association with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) and Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF). It will establish direct links into national and state environmental monitoring programs, for example the National Plan for Environmental Information, and programs within the National Environmental Research Program, and relevant programs in other countries (e.g. NEON, DataONE, Group on Earth Observations, FLUXNET)


Conceptual structure of the TERN Data Discovery Portal and its links to TERN Facility data infrastructure.



TERN Data Synthesis and Integration Coordinator:

Dr Siddeswara Guru
The University of Queensland


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  • TERN Director Tim Clancy announced the release of TERN's Data Licensing Policy and suite of data licences in June 2012. The Policy, along with TERN’s recommended suite of data licences, help to ensure that data contributors receive appropriate recognition for their work, and data users understand the responsibilities placed upon them. The release of the Data Licensing Policy is a significant precursor to the launch of the TERN Central Data Discovery Portal later this year.


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